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The BSL 2.1 Laboratory is dedicated to procedures of isolation of primary cell cultures from tissue fragments, culture expansion and generating cell banks consisting of both primary cells and cell lines for in Vitro research.


BSL 2.2 Laboratory

The BSL 2.2 Laboratoryis dedicated to procedures that involve genetic modification of cells (viral transduction, plasmid transfections) and generatingin vitrostudy models, using new genome editing techniques.

Biosecurity level: BSL2 +



BSL2.3 Laboratory

The BSL2.3 laboratory  is designed for the generation of plasmid vectors for ectopic expression of genes of interest: PCR amplification of the genes, enzymatic digestion of DNA using specific restriction enzymes, agarose gel electrophoresis of nucleic acids, cloning of nucleic acid sequences with the generation of specific plasmids and transformation of competent bacteria for plasmid production, bacterial cultures in liquid and solid medium, using both static incubator and shaker and agitator, isolation of plasmids from bacterial cultures.


Image Analysis and Processing Roomis designed for acquisition and processing of images resulted from phase-contrast microscopy, as well as fluorescence microscopy.


Long-term storage room for biological samples: stores in low temperature conditions biological samples (tissue, biological fluids, cell cultures, genetically modified cell lines, plasmid or viral vectors) in a freezer with very low temperatures (-80°C), as well as in a storage container with a reservoir of liquid nitrogen (-196°C).


Waste Processing Room: where the waste resulted from research activity is collected and autoclaved before being removed from the laboratory.