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Innovative Treatments In Oncology 2019

24 May 2019 -

Press release
The Fundeni Clinical Institute intends to introduce liquid biopsy as a routine method

The Fundeni Clinical Institute intends to take a step forward in the diagnosis of cancer by introducing liquid biopsy as a routine method, Prof. Dr. Irinel Popescu said at the fifth edition of the Conference on Innovative Treatments in Oncology organized by TARUS MEDIA, on May 24, at the Center for Excellence in Translation Medicine (CEMT) at the Fundeni Clinical Institute.
“Liquid biopsy determines the level of response to a particular treatment for different types of cancer; based on this information, the National Health Insurance, the Ministry of Health can support specific treatments, especially the innovative ones. The basis of treatment personalization starts from molecular diagnosis, and Fundeni Clinical Institute intends to introduce liquid biopsy as a routine method, “explained Prof. Dr. Irinel Popescu, Head of the Clinic of Surgery and Liver Transplantation at Fundeni Clinic Institute, at the opening of the event. Liquid biopsy implies an analysis of the type of tumor and its response to treatment, following the collection of a 10 ml blood sample.
The reputed surgeon underlined that the Fundeni Clinical Institute has always been research-oriented, establishing a tumor bank underlying cancer research since 2003-2004.
“This bank is attracting costs, and additional funding is needed to increase the number of tissue-warehouses to allow for computer analysis and access to the great medical literature nowadays. In this context, we take steps to get support from the Romanian Academy and, as far as possible, from the Presidential Administration. Starting from the bank we have and the storage methodology of these tumors that is not simple, we will have access to high-level oncology research, “said Prof. Dr. Irina Popescu.
During the event, they held special presentations from the Fundeni Clinical Institute: Dr. Adina Croitoru, the scientific coordinator of the conference, spoke about personalized treatment in cholangiocarcinomas, one of the most difficult to treat tumors, and the experience in managing this type of cancer. Prof. Tudor Eliade Ciuleanu, MD, Professor at the Oncological Institute “Prof. Dr. I Chiricuţă “from Cluj-Napoca, approached the subject of the evolution of pulmonary cancer immunotherapy, conf. dr. Lucia Stănculeanu, from the oncology institute” Al. Trestioreanu “Bucharest talked about the optimization of treatment in early breast cancer Her 2+ and the updating of international guidelines. Assoc. Prof. Alina Tănase, of the Fundeni Clinical Institute, presented the post-autotransplant results of hematopoietic stem cells in malignant lymphomas. On behalf of the Fundeni Institute, the following doctors held their presentations: Prof. Dr. Ioana Lupescu (“Diagnosis CT and RM of the hepatic nodules”) and Dr. Simona Dima (“Resection RO in pancreatic cancer surgery”).
The Conference “Innovative Treatments in Oncology” is part of the initiatives to promote scientific research in the Romanian medical field carried out by the Center for Excellence in Translation Medicine (CEMT) within the Fundeni Clinical Institute.



Dear Colleagues,

We invite  you to join us at the 5th edition of the Conference “Innovative Treatments in Oncology”, which will take place on Friday, May 24, 2019, from 08:30 to 18:00 at the Center of Excellence in Translational Medicine at Fundeni Clinical Institute, Bucharest (MAP), the “Admiral ship” of Romanian medicine that guarantees an event at the highest scientific standards, under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Irinel POPESCU and Conf. Dr. Adina CROITORU.

The event will be credited with EMC points by the Romanian College of Physicians.
Specialists recognized in the field of surgery, oncology, radiology, internal medicine will present, as in previous editions, diagnostic methods and innovative therapies in different cancer sites.


For details and sign up, please visit the event web page:



Email: madalina.ciulley@tarus.eu
Phone: +40751 020 217


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