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The Molecular Biology Laboratories host one of the leading genomic platforms in Romania and an outstanding biological resource center, currently possessing a retrospective collection of biospecimens such as tumor and normal tissues obtained after curative surgery, from over 2000 patients, mainly with digestive tumors. The laboratories are actively involved in the development of antitumor therapies through identification of molecular markers for diagnosis and prognosis, as well as therapeutic targets. As a key result, we will deliver a personalized medicine approach by translating the scientific results into clinical practice.

Currently, our main focus is the analysis of tissue samples through histological methods, and molecular biology methods such as real-time PCR, microarray, flow-cytometry, and high-throughput technologies (Next Generation Sequencing, protein sequencing) for the identification of new biomarkers involved in early diagnosis, progression and metastasis of gastro-intestinal cancers that have the potential to become new targets for personalized therapy.

The main research themes addressed in the laboratory and financed by grants are: