Home » » F3. Sample receiving and surgical sample/biological product orientation room

This room is dedicated to procedures for receiving and orienting surgical resection samples and other biological products


Equipment: Ventilated table for surgical sample orientation, Zefiro 120 BT12XX, refrigerator Fiocetti LABOR 2T 280 ECT-F TOUCH., Laminar flow hood MSC-Advantage ™ Class II Biological Safety Cabinets 51025413


The histological material brought after obtaining informed consent, in accordance with international ethical standards and specific legislation for the European Union (Universal Declaration of Human Rights – 1948, the Council of Europe’sConvention on Human Rights and Biomedicine, the Declaration of Helsinki, regarding the application of ethical principles in medical research involving human subjects – 1964, Provisions of Parliament and Council of Europe on the handling and free circulation of personal data).